Sons & Fathers is a Georgia based foundation that focuses on individual families in need throughout the United States. Created in honor of a father that raised a son richly even while being poor. Our goal is to first maintain sustainability while connecting with families in the community that are in need of assistance but may not qualify for state or government help. The focus is to give the future to Men and Women who may have hit rough waters in life or have had medical or legal issues that have made things difficult.

The founders of GTD are all individuals who have been in the exact same position and know the real need that exist in many families across America. Many families are provided food programs to purchase food and gain rental and utility help, but at times this is a band-aid over a gaping wound. The bigger picture is to get people and families back on their own feet and where they are able to get ahead.

We rely solely on the goodwill of the community, collaborations with others and companies within each location we work. If you feel you can be a help please reach out for more info or visit our shop to do your part.

Please contact to find out more.

GTD - Let's give forever

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